Technical Program

09h00-10h30:Session 1: CAMPUS (chair: Romain Rouvoy)
Language Abstractions for RFID Technology
Andoni Lombide Carreton, Kevin Pinte and Wolfgang De Meuter
TOTAM: Scoped Tuples for the Ambient
Christophe Scholliers, Elisa Gonzalez Boix and Wolfgang De Meuter
VOLARE: Adaptive Web Service Discovery Middleware for Mobile Systems
Panagiotis Papakos, David Rosenblum, Arun Mukhija and Licia Capra
10h30-11h00:Coffee break
11h00-12h30:Session 2: MAI (chair: Jorge Fox)
Type-safe Dynamic Protocol Composition in Jgroup/ARM
Hein Meling and Alberto Montresor
Functional decomposition and interactions in hybrid intrusion-tolerant systems
Hans P. Reiser, Tobias Distler and Rüdiger Kapitza
Service Adaptivity through Cross-Domain Reconfiguration of Non-Functional Properties
Josef Spillner, Iris Braun and Alexander Schill
12h30-14h00:Lunch break
14h00-15h30:Session 3: CAMPUS (chair: Geir Horn)
An Architecture to Support Adaptation of Persistent Queries in Mobile Environments
Jamie Payton, Richard Souvenir and Dingxiang Liu
Context-Aware Adaptation in DySCAS
Richard Anthony, DeJiu Chen, Mariusz Pelc, Magnus Persson and Martin Törngren
Context-Aware Service Selection with Uncertain Context Information
Yves Vanrompay, Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro and Yolande Berbers
15h30-16h00:Coffee break
16:00-17h00:Session 4: CAMPUS/MAI (chair: Rüdiger Kapitza)
Exploring Approaches to Dynamic Adaptation
Jorge Fox and Siobhán Clarke
An Adaptation Reasoning Approach for Large Scale Component-based Applications
Mohammad Ullah Khan, Roland Reichle, Michael Wagner, Kurt Geihs, Ulrich Scholz, Constantinos Kakousis and George Papadopoulos
presented by
Diana Comes
17h00-17h30:Open discussions