List of Accepted Papers

Language Abstractions for RFID Technology
Andoni Lombide Carreton, Kevin Pinte and Wolfgang De Meuter

TOTAM: Scoped Tuples for the Ambient
Christophe Scholliers, Elisa Gonzalez Boix and Wolfgang De Meuter

VOLARE: Adaptive Web Service Discovery Middleware for Mobile Systems
Panagiotis Papakos, David Rosenblum, Arun Mukhija and Licia Capra

An Architecture to Support Adaptation of Persistent Queries in Mobile Environments
Jamie Payton, Richard Souvenir and Dingxiang Liu

Context-Aware Adaptation in DySCAS
Richard Anthony, DeJiu Chen, Mariusz Pelc, Magnus Persson and Martin Törngren

Context-Aware Service Selection with Uncertain Context Information
Yves Vanrompay, Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro and Yolande Berbers

An Adaptation Reasoning Approach for Large Scale Component-based Applications
Mohammad Ullah Khan, Roland Reichle, Michael Wagner, Kurt Geihs, Ulrich Scholz, Constantinos Kakousis and George Papadopoulos